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Why Viral Video Isn’t Really Your Goal

By November 30, 2015Home Page, Video production
Why viral isnt your goal - Crunch Time Media

When considering online video, most marketers’ minds go directly to a dangerous word.
Many marketers share the misconception that if your video doesn’t rake in millions of views, you’ve failed in a major way.
“Going viral” is a naive approach to video marketing because, in reality, you can only secure millions of views if you have an audience with millions of people in it to begin with.
Depending on your product or service you should consider “narrowcasting” your brand message -focusing on building the best video possible to entice your target viewers. The more specific your video is, when speaking to a narrow niche, the better it will perform when it comes to conversion because it won’t be burdened by unqualified views, or those who have no interest in your offering. In other words, you’ll attract and maintain the leads worth following up with.
If you are looking to achieve widespread appeal, making your audience laugh could be the best approach. The humorous video is such a rare animal in B2B, when it’s done well, it jumps out among the clutter and captures attention. Not to mention, appreciation. If it’s charming and authentic shows that your brand doesn’t take itself to seriously, it endears itself to the audience. Making someone laugh is the most intimate connection we can create in a business context – it’s a powerful demonstration of understanding and empathy.
The best videos you create are the ones where you talk directly to your niche about why you do what you do. Not what you sell, but the bigger story. What are you most passionate about?
“Focus on the ideas and themes that relate to your products. This is the new model of digital content creation.”
As a data-driven marketer, your aim is to go past a total view count. That’s why video marketing technology is evolving. It’s no longer good enough to see that 100 or 100,000 people watched your video. You want to know exactly who they are, their specific interests, and how they can be guided through your funnel with content appealing to their needs as a buyer.
In summary:
B2B businesses don’t have to be boring. Even though you want a lot of eyeballs on your videos, you want the right ones – your target audience. Stop trying to make video campaigns that appeal to everyone in the world. You only need to hook your niche market and you can do this with the very first sentence in your video. By making the first sentence really specific, you’ll lose a bunch of unqualified random viewers at the beginning, and you’ll know to follow up with those who make it all the way to the end of the video, as their strong attention span is a clear sign of qualified interest.
You should commit to narrowcasting your message if you’re going to be an effective video marketer. If video is part of your marketing strategy, you need a way to measure its impact on revenue. Crunch Time Media we can show you exactly how viewers interact with your videos.
This means you can continuously improve your marketing strategy based on measurable results. Along with hosting your video content, we reveals who’s watching your videos, and for how long with detailed viewer analytics and engagement data you can push directly into your CRM.
Transform viewers into customers today. Contact our team for a free consultation.
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