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What Kind of Videos Can You Create Today to Jump Start Your Collection?

By December 1, 2015Home Page, Video production
What style of video


Great for: Brand awareness, lead generation and increasing traffic to your blog or asset-specific landing pages.

Most companies already have text-based content marketing assets to promote, and one of the best ways to make the most of these pieces is with a fun video designed to encourage more downloads and more sign ups to newsletters.

As an example, ExactTarget (a notable video trailblazer) promotes their SlideShare of ‘100 email subject line examples’ with its own high-level video teaser. Using video as a short teaser for another piece of content is a great way to make sure your assets get the attention they deserve over time.


Great for: The discovery phase, a campaign for generating interest in your niche market, lead generation, and nurturing emails.

Similar to your explainer, you can create overview videos for each vertical, or product line you offer. With a situational overview, you’re not looking to make a hard sell or pitch in the video, you’re outlining the problem you know your customers have. This video answers the question ”what’s in it for me” from the perspective of your buyer.

This video is so awesome because it shows how Lattice fully understands the needs of its customers, while showcasing their expertise in predictive lead scoring. This helps to assure potential buyers searching for solutions related to sales and marketing alignment. When you’re launching a new product line, or solution set, a situational overview is a great video to send in a follow up conversation to a hot lead, or in an introductory email to get a conversation about your brand started. It’s designed to get your B2B buyer thinking about the types of problems you solve, and it showcases your know-how on industry-specific issues.


Great for: building your video library, brand awareness, content re-use on various channels (blog, YouTube, social, etc.), and attracting leads with industry-specific interests.

Interview-style videos are a great way to give your video collection a boost and attract an audience who cares about your industry and what you have to offer. To start your video collection, you can create an interview series and discuss broad topics of importance to your target audience with influencer guests they’ll love. If there’s an influencer in your industry you’re especially close with, build that relationship and then book them for a day’s filming in the studio.
Also remember that you can use the interview format in unexpected ways. Just take a look at this example from SAP. In a man-on-the-street style interview, they ask random people in Times Square, “What is SAP?”.

Producing “What is _____” videos is a great strategic move, with YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, searches for these types of videos continues to increase. If you answer a question like “What is the Cloud?” you could end up ranking very highly for this result in search and be the brand providing this key information to potential customers.


Great for: Easing people from the discovery phase into the real meat of what you can do for them.

B2B buyers often start their search with Google, so your video content should be created with SEO in mind. One of the best ways to stand out in search is to create videos around the questions your target audience is asking.

Kapost, a content marketing platform do a great job with helpful how-to video snippets. Typically just 30 seconds short, in each video they answer questions related to their specialty. By becoming the experts who can answer the question clearly, they become the folks people want to do business with. The video below, for example, ranks number 1 in YouTube for the search term: “What Is a Content Marketing Workflow”

Their videos include great calls to action prompting the download of another piece of content. This guides people to the next stage of the funnel where they’ll learn more about the Kapost solution.

Overall, consider creating this type of quick hit video to answer important customer questions in your industry and use the end of the video to prompt the download of a piece of informative, midfunnel content.

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