We shot on a minimum of 2 if not 3 cameras to give us more options during the edit. Our video production portfolio includes campaigns for clients in many industries including IT, finance, legal, hospitality, construction and live events. We have a wide range of award winning directors and camera operators on our roster, many of which work on a freelance basis at the BBC, which means we are able to match the most appropriate director to each campaign.
We film on the latest cutting-edge camera equipment resulting in the perfect look for any production. Whether it’s Red Epic, Arri Alexa, or Canon C300, we’ll select the ideal equipment for your project, along with an array of awesome extras to add the all-important extra sparkle.
Creativity is at the heart of everything we do.

Studio Filming

As an independent video production company London/ video marketing agency, we are not tied to any particular studio.  We work in partnership with many of the studios in London and in other parts of the UK, all of which  have different facilities, equipment and set ups. We can advise on  which will be most appropriate for your production, series or campaign.

Animation & Motion Graphics

From infographics and presentations through to engaging, character-driven narrative films, our animations deliver incredible results for our clients. Animation is the ideal choice for products or services that are difficult to capture on film, or if you need to inject fun or humour.
Visit the portfolio section of our site to see some of our most recent examples.
Once your film/ films are complete – the next stage of our process involves Social media marketing