Success in video marketing starts with strategy.
Do you need video content that sets your business apart from the rest, generates more qualified leads and converts more viewers into customers?
We start 90% of each new campaign with a free marketing audit of our clients current video marketing strategy or YouTube channel.
Taking a research-led approach, we create compelling reasons for people to believe in you. These reasons must be authentic, demonstrate value and establish confidence and trust. Whether your content is editorial, social, video, infographic or a specific landing page on your website, we will tailor each campaign to achieve significant and lasting results- based on the KPI’s you want to improve- which could include an increase in views, click through’s, downloads, subscribers, shares, likes, new followers, new customers, referrals or editorial coverage.
From leading online newspapers to high-traffic blogs, we’ve produced videos and articles that have featured on some of the Internet’s most popular sites. Let us engage your audience by turning your company’s story into something unique, interesting and shareable.


Our client’s content has been featured in a wealth of publications…
Video Marketing Strategy content publishersContact us and we’ll send you our most recent case studies.

Video marketing strategy audit

Unlike most other video production companies we can track individual viewer data which allows us to measure ROI from each campaign. We’ll audit your website then develop an optimisation strategy to drive more viewers to the content you’ve already produced.
We’ll identify which videos you need and those that will create the most impact. Get started by downloading the extended version of our free guide to preparing your brief here (contact us for the 2 page version or in .doc format).
YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google and should play a key role in your strategy. We’ll show where you and your competitors rank for your most important keywords and identify strategies to outrank them. Our certified YouTube consultant (with 8 years’ experience developing, communicating and implementing advanced video strategies for numerous internationally recognised brands- contact us for case studies) will begin a comprehensive analysis of your social media strategy and develop a blueprint to move your business forward.
During this stage, we’ll also identify:

  • What videos have been most successful and why?
  • Where is your traffic or viewers coming from?
  • What do viewers do after watching your current videos?
  • How can we turn more viewers into customers?
  • How should we measure success?
  • What opportunities are we missing?
  • What videos should we make next?
  • How will we promote your content online, and reach your target audience? Learn more about our approach to video distribution here.

We create and manage targeted video marketing campaigns that drive viewership – starting with a clear focus on ROI for your business. We are constantly refining our approach to delivering the most engaging content.
Learn more about the next stage of our process – Content planning