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Video Marketing- YouTube Channel Audit

By December 16, 2015Home Page, Video production
You tube optimisation

In addition to developing video marketing strategies, we specialise in auditing YouTube channel’s.
Whether you have a specific problem or you just need general guidance, a one-on-one session with one of our certified YouTube marketing consultants will leave you with a wealth of actionable information.

We work with brands and businesses that:


  • Sell products or services online
  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Want to increase audience/ subscribers and targeted views
  • Want to generate more leads, sales and brand awareness
  • Are ready to invest in a YouTube Strategy

The first stage is for us to carry out an audit of your channel and review your current video marketing strategy.
We offer:

  • Audit report to improve your channel’s performance
  • In depth channel analysis, creation of a customised guide for your business or brand
  • Management and paid promotion (monthly consulting and optimisation to grow your YouTube channel)


We can help in the following areas:


YouTube optimisation Crunch Time MediaCHANNEL ANALYSIS

We start by assessing your channels past performance and organise your content into meaningful categories.  We’ll consider strategies to increase subscribers, and turn more viewers into customers or clients. We’ll look at which video have been most successful and why, where your views are coming from and what you want viewers to do after watching your videos.

You Tube Audit - Crunch Time Media  GET MORE YOUTUBE VIEWS

Most people discover new videos by search or through related videos that appear on channels watch page. Video SEO is about aligning your videos with popular search terms and videos.
We start with some keyword research to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords in your videos including title, description, and tags. We’ll look at how your current videos are ranking for key search terms that relate to the products and services your company provides, and your target audience are searching for. By adding captions and transcripts, we’ll help your videos rank for a wider range of keywords you may not have optimized for or considered.

YouTube Analysis - Crunch time Media COMPETITOR REVIEW

We look at the YouTube strategies of your top 3 competitors, and and where they rank for your most important keywords. We then uncover strategies to outrank them.

Best practice guide - Crunch time mediaBEST PRACTICE GUIDE

We’ll provide an actionable list of best practices, and consider ways your sales and marketing goals can be achieved through YouTube marketing. In order to attract viewers and keep them engaged, you need to be taking full advantage of all YouTube’s features. As a client of Crunch Time Media, our focus is to find new ways to add and create value for/ to your community. That’s a key part of any strategy to reach new audiences you didn’t have before.
We look at everything from structuring your channel, creating custom thumbnails, linking to other videos with annotations, organising your content into playlists, all of which will have a major impact on your view count. Video titles, for example, can have a major impact on how your video is indexed and your click-through rate. YouTube video descriptions will add additional information and support the call to action of your video, we’ll make sure yours are right for optimisation purposes.

CrunchTime YouTube marketing report

We’ll create a customised report for your channel, based on your businesses goals and future plans. All ready for you to review in 2 weeks, and present to your team in 3.


Action plan youtube marketing


If your not doing so already, collaborating with other YouTubers/ partnering with other brands is another ways to grow your audience and your view count level. We’ll identify which communities outside of YouTube, websites or blogs will be best to reach out to.
We also develop strategies on how other social media platforms can be used to raise the profile of your YouTube channel. People love to share content they find interesting and original. The top 3 networks are generally Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and each platform has their own best practices and idiosyncrasies.
Thinking ahead, we’ll consider which videos you should be making next, where are your missed opportunities and how we should be measuring success.
Crunch Time-Report-Timeline
The first draft of your report will be ready to review in two weeks. We will deliver your final report and schedule a live video presentation of the findings 1 week after this, ready to present to your team. Depending on the work involved, CrunchTime YouTube Report’s start from £1,495 + VAT per channel.
We’re selective about how many clients we agree to work with at one time. Having partnerships with a few long-term clients allows us to serve you better, devoting more time and attention to understanding the inner workings of your company, industry, short term goals and long term vision.
To arrange a initial no-obligation consultation, contact us here.

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