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What is thought leadership

Thought Leadership and Video Marketing

The world’s top brands invest serious time and budgets into thought leadership programmes, supported by robust research. We live in a world inundated with information. To stand out, businesses need to interest, excite and inform potential clients.  Thought leadership is the best way to demonstrate original and genuine insights into the challenges faced by their stakeholders. It also enables companies to provoke debate about contemporary issues in society, business and government.

Expert Status

Strong content and thought-provoking ideas are of huge importance for businesses if they are to stand out against their competitors. When people make a buying decision, and they have a choice of providers, they’re more likely to choose the provider that is an expert in their niche. Think about the status of your business within your market.

Video content focused on thought leadership are one of the most popular ways to connect with your clients. Learn how to use Thought Leadership videos to increase engagement with your clients and reinforce your expert status.

It’s important to think about how you are educating your current and prospective clients. The great thing about video is that you can communicate a lot in a short amount of time. It’s highly and engaging and immersive.

Increased Engagement

Online videos increase engagement with your audience. Google Analytics is just one way to measure this. Promoting your videos strategically online will help drive targeted traffic to your website, either from sending out an email or from Social Media links.

This is reflected in the ‘bounce rate’ as well. ‘Bounce rate’ is a measure of the percentage of traffic that comes to a website, and leaves without viewing any other pages. The ideal scenario is to have visitors to your site engage with a number of pages of content. We produce news videos as well as content around thought leadership which helped reduce the bounce rate on some clients sites by up to 3 X. Which means more people are staying on the site and engaging with content. This deepens the relationship with website visitors. The production of case study videos is another powerful way to increase conversions and traffic to your site.

We distribute videos through social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Social Bookmarking sites. This leads to exposure to new audiences, from all over the world. How are you building your audience online? Are you letting your competition get a free run? Or are you building engagement online?

At Crunch Time Media we work with our clients to develop relevant and original ideas, then put together video content plans, produce, then promote online through a network of strategic partners.

Our experience producing content for international law firms and clients in the financial service sector means we’re experts in maximising the impact of thought leadership campaigns across traditional and social media channels. Our international network of publishers and journalist means we have on the ground support for simultaneous media launches across multiple continents.

About Us

Crunch Time Media deliver exactly what you need to achieve remarkable inbound marketing results. If you don’t have one already – we start by defining a strategy to increase leads, sales and referrals for your business. We then produce and promote your video content online. We deliver campaigns with impact, and personality.

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