.Whether it’s creating a big impact within a small but valuable group (identifying and partnering with the right bloggers and vloggers can play an important role) or securing many millions of views with a mass audience we can design the right strategy to achieve your objectives.
Crunch Time Media exists to strengthen the connection between brands and their audience on social media. We tailor our approach to suit you. We sit down with you and strategise on how to achieve your goals. And then we make it happen. It’s that simple.
By identifying the target community, we can in turn identify, approach and work with the right influencers to excite and engage your audience.

Facebook video advertising


  • Analysis of best target market using customer data and FB insights
  • Advising on structure of ads and landing pages
  • Setup of ads using videos provided
  • Set up of image ads as required
  • Setting of budgets and type of bidding

Monthly Management

  • Monitor ads and split test
  • Change out worst performers
  • Change text/images as necessary
  • Change targets as necessary based on results
  • Monthly Reporting


YouTube channel analysis

If you have a YouTube channel, we’ll review past performance and organise your content into meaningful categories.

Video ranking report

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, we’ll show where you and your competitors rank for your most important keywords and uncover strategies to outrank them.

Editorial planning

The most successful YouTube channels work to a consistent editorial plan, for example 2-3 episodes lasting 3-5 minutes each per week, and or a 10-20 minute video on a weekly basis. We’ll develop a content plan in accordance with your marketing objectives and budgets.

Action plan

We’ll summarise our findings and provide a list of quick wins as well as longer term strategies to implement – some of which you may like to do yourself other aspects you may want manged by one of our dedicated social media marketing managers.
When it comes to promoting your content through social media, we realise there is a lot to think about. Ten years ago, marketers were intimidated and skeptical of using social media, too. Today, nearly every company in the world dedicates resources to social media. Some have teams of people working on it.
Video is on the verge of taking off, too. The challenges of getting started are minimal compared with the rewards you’ll reap.
Learn more about the next stage of our process – Distribution