Inbound marketing is the most effective way to gain trust, build loyalty and thrive in a competitive market.

What makes our approach to marketing
your business unique?


We start with strategy before tactics.  We use high-end equipment to give the best possible production values within your budget. Our ability to understand how your content performs and how viewers interact with your videos gives us the insight we need to convert more viewers to buyers.

 We produce content viewers find inspring, informative or entertaining. Content that establishes your credibility. When you have a clear strategy, and understand how, when and where to execute your plan using different tactics to reach your target audience, you’ll generate an abundance of quality leads. Everything we recommend has been tested, and will be carefully measured, to ensure the best results from your campaign.


Our approach is to create content audiences love and respond too favourably, then outsmarting, not outspending, your competitors. 


Traditional marketing methods such as buying ads and email lists, sending out direct mail or cold calling, are nowhere near as effective as they used to be. The average buyers journey starts with Google, yet word-of-mouth has always been the most powerful form of marketing. Social Media and technology have not only changed the way we share information, our experiences and opinions, they also allow us to filter out irrelevant brand messages- or what we perceive to be deceitful advertising. Consumers today have an abundance of choice at their finger tips. They want to feel informed, and empowered.


To stand out in today’s marketplace, regardless of your industry, your brand, and your messaging needs to cut through a lot of noise if it has any chance of being heard. This is why building trust and gaining permission, has become more effective than interruption. Companies that understand this and why they must position themselves as remarkable, or Thought Leading – get noticed and win more market share.


We start by identifying:


The Perfect Personas. The success of your strategy is built on an in-depth understanding of your target audience. We map out different stages of your customers journey. People go through different stages as they interact with your company. Content needs to be created to help to move them to the next stage of your sales process. As you learn more about your customers over time, you can better personalise messages and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Their Pains. What are their specific, common challenges? Your solutions should be matched to their pain’s.


How to Deliver Your Solutions In A Remarkable Way. Standing out from the crowd is essential. With so many options at your prospects’ disposal, being remarkable isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. We understand branding and marketing differentiation, and the impact this will have on your business. Our approach is multi channel – we identify where your target audience are in the channel, and what will motivate them to take action and interact.


Engaging Stories That Connect With Your Audience. Inspire your clients to spread the word for you, through social media, online reviews, email, in blogs and in person.


Connect Tactics To Strategy.  Quantifiable goals must be your guide. The sales and marketing tactics that encompass your complete inbound strategy will be directed by your financial objectives.


Ongoing Approach to Optimising Your Campaign. Driving maximum performance and exceeding your goals requires continual assessment, making small tweaks or larger changes where necessary, measuring and adjusting on an ongoing basis. We will introduce you to publishing and analytics tools that tie everything together and allow you to focus on closing sales and delivering great service to your customers and clients.


Your website is your chief storyteller. Build it Quickly. Evolve it Constantly.Its important to get it right. Growth Driven Design is about building your site like a high performance machine. This is another area we can help with, contact us for more information.



The guides below have been written with a focus on the benefits of video marketing, which we believe, and market research shows is the most powerful and effective way to reach and engage your target audience. Contact us for our latest guides and client case studies on other forms of online marketing and lead generation. 



Launching a video marketing campaign

This 40 page e-Book has been written for company owners, sales directors and marketing professionals on how to increase leads, sales and referrals through online video marketing.
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Selecting the right video marketing agency

A creative agency can help shape the future success of your business, therefore it’s paramount you make the right choice. Here are 6 quick pointers to help you select the right partner.
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Preparing a video brief

Video production may be new to you, or you may have several productions to your credit. In any event, you’ll want your next production to be a winner. This 8 page guide will help you to get started.
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Nurture Prospects Through Your Funnel.
Get Them Ready To Buy.



Attract those researching ways to solve their pains; and turn them into website visitors

We create content such as whitepapers, infographics, tips sheets and of course video then promote it through social media, to put a human face on your brand.  We will also identify which key words bring the best organic traffic then create content around these key words, optimise these pages and build links around the terms your ideal buyers are searching for.

Having a regularly updated blog on your site is important for a number of reasons. Research from HubSpot indicates that 57% of marketers had acquired customers from blogging. Companies that blog 15+ per month get 5x more traffic than companies that don’t.



Convert web visitors into leads 

The former contact recognises their pain, is now researching the market, and is aware of your product or service.  Once they arrive at your site, you need to give them something in return (a free eBook, or access to an exclusive video for example). Entice visitors to take the next step (such as claim an offer) In order for a visitor to convert to a lead, they must fill out a form and provide their contact information. Clear calls to actions in your emails, eBooks, website and videos are also a must.

Consider keeping track of the leads your converting in a centralised marketing database so you can make sense out of every interaction you’ve had with your contacts – be it through email, a landing page or social media. This is something else we can help advise on, set up and manage, contact us for more information.


Ready to do business, perhaps with you

As the former suspect begins narrowing down the list of available vendors, case study videos, webinars, free trials and consultations should be offered at this stage – to further establish trust and credibility. Visit the portfolio section of the site to see recent examples of our work.

Once they arrive at your site, you need to give them something in return (a free eBook, or access to an exclusive video for example). Entice visitors to take the next step (such as claim an offer) with clear calls to actions in your emails, eBooks, website and videos. In order for a visitor to convert to a lead, they must fill out a form and provide their contact information.


Sales Opportunity

Close leads into customers through lead nurturing 

The former prospect is now a viable sales opportunity because they have chosen your product/service as the solution to his or her pain. It’s now time to close. Targeted, automated email nurturing campaigns as well as interactions through social media will help move your prospect forward.

Knowing which marketing efforts are bringing in the best leads, and whether your sales team is focused on the most qualified leads can be achieved by integrating with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This is something we regularly advise on and set up for our clients.



Delight customers to turn them into promoters of your brand

Using context and personalisation to deliver tailored messages, you can continue to engage with, delight, and (hopefully) upsell your current customer base into happy promoters of your company.

Tools to delight your customers include:

• Exclusive video content

• Smart Calls-to-Action

• Social Media

• Email and Marketing Automation


Think About Your Content Topics. Create A Content Calendar. In order to find what topics capture the attention of your target prospect, you should look at past data and strategise your content marketing. What are the most popular blog articles you have published? What are some of the most viewed pages on your website? Your historical performance should dictate your direction for new marketing content.



The video that the world sees is the product of discovery, development and production.

If you’re considering an animated video to tell your story or promote your products or services, this video explains the process we go through: