Video Distribution through Facebook

Social is a critical distribution channel for your content and wider digital strategy.
The benefit of advertising through Facebook is the amount of complete data they have collected on their users, making it possible to target a very specific audience. Brands and publishers can rest assured the right eyeballs will be on their content on Facebook. Since Facebook Sponsored Posts can be shared like any other post, they can spur on exponential results.
You’ll love the transparency and simplicity of working with Crunch Time Media. As we improve your Facebook ad results, we’ll explain how each change optimises your campaign. You’ll receive actionable advice and insights in plain English to help you understand how we’re helping your business grow.

Video Distribution through YouTube

Promoted content can help accelerate your audience growth and increase chances of it being discovered by viewers who wouldn’t necessarily have found your content by other organic means. Our industry leading software is divided into there simple sections, Insights, Channel Management and Campaign Management enabling you to target the right audience on YouTube. Added benefits include:

  • Place ads and simplify TrueView advertising buys
  • Plan and execute campaigns within one simple dashboard
  • Optimise videos, measure and report on progress of each campaign
  • Identify YouTube communities, pinpoint key influencers
  • Identify and track competitors’ moves on YouTube
  • Engage your audience through shoutouts, comments, subscriptions and by asking questions or soliciting ideas.

The best YouTube content marketers produce great content on a consistent basis, and understand video performance isn’t just about views; it’s about audience and engagement. Contact us to arrange a demo of the platform. We can set-up, manage and create content for each platform as well as manage the optimisation and promotion of your channel and content. Learn more about our YouTube services here.
Another reason YouTube is great because it performs well on Google’s search results, but it does have it’s limitations, it could refer your viewer to unrelated or, worse, competitive content.

Advanced Video Analytics

In addition to a YouTube Marketing strategy, you should consider hosting your videos on a dedicated secure hub on your own site in order to keep control and offer deeper insight into measuring performance.
Advanced video analytics allows us to collect data on how your videos are watched and how viewers engage with them, beyond the measurement of simple “vanity metrics” such as the number of views. We also measure the duration of views, repeat views and drop-off rates. That data helps you know whether your videos are truly working.
Even more powerful is the ability to track those stats down to the individual viewer. Your sales team would pursue a lead who has watched four videos all the way through differently from one who turned one off after 20 seconds. To learn more, visit the video analytics section of our site.
Get maximum exposure and guaranteed results today. Contact your CTM account executive to find out more.

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