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Most popular ads on You Tube – October 2015

By November 30, 2015Home Page, Video production
Video ads you tube most popular

Ads of the month – October 2015

Here’s our pick of the top 3 video ads from YouTubes top 10 most watched ads in October.
The YouTube Ads Leaderboard showcases the most creative ads that people choose to watch each month. To be eligible for YouTube Ads Leaderboard, videos must be marked as ads on YouTube but must also earn significant organic views. The algorithm considers paid views, organic views and audience retention (how much of a video people watched).

1. Imagine The Possibilities | Barbie

Barbie’s most recent campaign – ‘Imagine the Possibilities,’ returns the brand to its roots celebrating young girls’ journeys of self-discovery. Created by BBDO in conjunction with their New York and San Francisco offices, the ad captures people’s reactions as the girls  pretend to be professionals (a teacher, veterinarian, jet-setting, tour guide, and football coach) in real-life situations.
Barbie does a great job of communicating the message of not just a new doll but that any little girl can be anything she wants to be, through the doll. Barbie continues to be one of the number one brands most viewed by consumers. Barbie has done a great job at making an emotional connection with this ad, hence the 16 million views in the last few weeks.

2. Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan

Extra’s latest campaign ‘The Story of Sarah & Juan’, successfully captured the hearts of viewers earning it number 2 spot in the top 10. It’s the tale of two high school sweethearts… their first real interaction comes when, you guessed it, she offers him a stick of Extra.
We see their relationship progress underscored by Haley Reinhart’s cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ and the lovers’ periodic offering of chewing gum and coy smiles.
We see Sarah and Juan’s love tested as they graduate from high school, move away to university and eventually enter a long distance relationship.
We see Juan invite Sarah to a private gallery, Juans has been busy sketching key moments over the years of their life together on chewing gum wrappers which now adorn the wall. Their gum-based affection reaffirmed, Juan proposes and they fall into each other’s arms and everyone lives happily ever after.
Besides its massive sharing popularity, particularly through Facebook, Extra gained a lot of praise from media online, with both the Daily Mail and The Mirror questioning if they had witnessed the most romantic commercial ever made, while Buzzfeed went with a more even-handed piece titled ‘This Gum Commercial Is Making Everyone Weep’ which really helped to magnify and amplify the social spread of this campaign.
While we usually expect to see romantic ads such as these  February, Extra’s decision to launch outside of the Valentine’s market has seems to have paid off.
Clearly it affected some people more than others… who took to twitter to express their out pouring of emotion.




3. Nike: Snow Day

In its evolution to become a global brand Nike’s marketing strategy has been centred around honouring athletes and athletics. This 2 minute ad features a large number of Nike’s sponsored athletes, each of which gets to show off the skills that made him or her famous.
UK audiences won’t recognise many of the basketball, tennis and American football heros, but the joys of rounding up your pals for a good time in the snow is something many of us can relate too. The ads message about good old fashioned fun comes through effortlessly. It’s received almost 10 million views in the 3 weeks since it launched.
Nike’s creative team at advertising agency Wieen & Kennedy also put together this “behind the scenes” short film, which is equally entertaining. The athletes reveal who they’d most like to smack in the face with a snowball and reminisce about childhood snow days.

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