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Measuring ROI from Video Marketing

By December 14, 2015Home Page, Video production
ROI video marketing

Online video continues to contribute towards the growth of companies, large and small, throughout the UK. While research from the web video marketing council shows 73% of respondents believe that video positively impacts marketing results and ROI, research from Forester shows 71% of marketers don’t know the results of their video marketing efforts. Data also shows 49% of companies who use video grow revenue faster than companies who don’t.
According to the 2014 research report by Forester, that’s because, in many cases, marketers are not tracking the right metrics. Half of all marketers track basic, vanity metrics such as views, likes or shares.

Turn Viewers Into Customers

Seasoned marketers are measuring more than just view count from their videos. They’re looking at metrics that show how engaged their audience is – through attention span data – and what pipeline contributions their videos are offering. Those that track more advanced data report almost twice the improvement in video ROI.
You will get the most from video marketing by creating a ecosystem of varying types of content around each video. For example, repurpose content it (info-graphics, webinars, blog posts, podcasts, etc) and you’ll dramatically increase your content’s overall reach, engagement, and most likely provide more back links for your original video.
There’s a lot to be gained by integrating video into your marketing automation or CRM platform, such as Hubspot or Salesforce, but only 15% of marketers are currently realising the benefits. You too could join that 15% and track who’s viewed which videos, how long they watched for, and even see which parts are being re-watched! These valuable insights are proven to yeild better results and more qualified leads.

Track, Integrate & Measure Success

Advanced analytics plus tech integrations means equals measurable and growing ROI from online video. Did you know that landing pages with video see 80% more conversions than those without? Or that video players can capture leads contact information? Since many of your prospects find video to be the most engaging content medium, it should be a key part of your marketing plan for 2016. Learn more about the importance of video analytics here.

Pinpoint exactly which videos are helping convert prospects and guiding your buyers through the sales funnel. Contact us to find out more and arrange a demo.

Pinpoint exactly which videos are helping convert prospects
and guiding your buyers through the sales funnel. Contact us to find out more and arrange a demo.

Learn more, download another case study here: Video analytics
For more stats and information, contact us and we’ll send you the 2015 Video Content Marketing report by global marketing research firm Demand Metrics.
You’ll learn:

  • The correlation between metrics tracked and video success
  • What type of videos deliver the best results
  • The frequency or production and use of video agencies
  • How sales teams are using video to increase productivity and efficiency

And much more!

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