We can help you to:

  • Reveal the identity of anonymous visitors to your site
  • Transform your sales results/ marketing ROI
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Convert traffic into leads before they even fill in a form
  • Understand what your prospects want to see, and what they respond too
  • Uncover which channels are driving sales/ focus on the channels that matter most.

The first step to generating more leads is to get a better understanding of visitor behaviour to your website. Our ‘Real Time Lead Generation’ software, endorsed by the Direct Marketing Association, allows you to take control of your lead generation activity and convert ready-to-buy prospects.

We can identify:

  • Business Name
  • Location
  • Website
  • Telephone Number
  • Financial info

Armed with this information, your sales team can tailor their approach and conversations to suit the prospects needs, or call them directly to discuss your services.

An alternative approach maybe to find the person within that business with the job title that you normally speak to using LinkedIn. If your website doesn’t resonate with your prospect, or is not performing as well as it could be, our software provides a level of insight you never would of have had.

How it works:

  • Small piece of code, much like Google Analytics, but providing much greater insight
  • We’re able to identity IP addresses of your visitors, our software doesn’t use cookies, so there’s no need for disclaimers
  • A Customer Success Manager will work alongside you providing full support
  • We’ll give you unlimited logins for multiple users

Costs depend on how much traffic you’re generating to your website. Arrange a 7 day trial, we can then determine the cost for your business.

Close deals faster by gaining insight into:

  • How visitors arrived at your site
  • What your visitors are looking for
  • What they searched for
  • How many times they visited
  • Pages viewed and time spent
  • Track prospects journey around your site.

The insight gained from having this software on your site will help influence strategies and creative approaches for future marketing campaigns, based on what we know is working and where traffic is coming from.

There are typically two stages, content to attract the right types of visitors to your site, and content that nurtures them through to close of sale stage.

If a prospect visits your site they clearly have a need for something – give your sales reps an opportunity to follow up and make a more human connection – with, for example a call informing them of “our latest offer that hasn’t gone live on the site yet but we can offer to you”.

Client testimony

  • “In 2 years, we’ve delivered around 2,100% ROI, and I have no doubt that figure will continue to climb.”
    DRP Group.
  • “We had a target of £1m this software contributed toward 50% of that.”
  • “Intergraded seamlessly with Salesforce. We’ve closed new business we wouldn’t have had any knowledge of before.”
    DA Systems.

Contact us to arrange a demo

A demo will take 30 mins, we can also set up a 7 day trial at the end of which we will show you the traffic that’s visited your site, which pages they are dropping off and other valuable insight you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Request a demo today and we’ll send you some of most recent case studies.