Online video marketing is becoming a key part of the marketing mix for financial services and investment management companies.

However, many financial service sector companies face low levels of engagement, and poor viewing figures.

At Crunch Time Media, we take a strategic, consultative approach to the production of our clients videos.

If your content resonates with your target audience, is searchable, indexed well on search engines, featured prominently on your website, email communications and social media, is aligned with your sales and marketing goals, and features the appropriate calls to actions, it has a better chance of success.

We start by helping you to define, or refine, a winning video marketing strategy.

We’ll identify what’s working, and what’s not. We’ll write scripts, and develop storyboards before initiating the production process.

This may involve filming at your premises, in a studio, or at your clients location. We also produce animated videos, and those involving motion graphics, like the examples below.

Branded YouTube channels show a variety of content including thought leadership, fund manager videos, educational content, recruitment drives and sponsored campaigns, all of which we are well experienced in producing.

Get started by downloading our free, 40 page e-book to launching a video marketing campaign.

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