An introduction to Facebook video Advertising

The key to successful brand marketing on Facebook is to produce and maintain engaging content that serves to encourage fans to interact with your Facebook page. Traditional web analytics has always been about just your site — your traffic, which focused on number of hits, inbound referrals, conversion rates etc. But the majority of social interactions occur in public — on ground that is not exclusively yours.
Facebook offers a communal forum for brands to reach out and connect with Fans.
Paid search assumes that people are ready to buy — they had to initiate a search to demonstrate intent. In social, there is no such thing. By posting interesting and exciting content to the Wall of a Facebook page, brands hope to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

Campaign set up

We create Facebook advertising campaigns designed to engage and convert.
The first step is to clarify your target audience, campaign targets, goals & KPI’s. Campaign benchmarks will then be agreed upon. Using pre-existing creative assets for your campaign, for example videos and images, all of which we can help you create, or create for you.
Before ads can be created, you’ll be asked to approve ads and if you’re happy with our approach to targeting your audience.
We can micro target your audience resulting in high quality fans at the highest efficiency:
• Previously liked pages
• Target fans of other brands, for example, your competitors or peers
• Interests
• Friends of fans
• People who have commented on your page
We can also identify previous visitors to your website, and target ads to those individuals.
Monthly management. We report on the following:
• Actions that have been complete
• Comparisons with the previous week
• KPI’s