Whether videos, press releases, blog posts or other forms of content that can be distributed to publishers or promoted across social media, you need an editorial plan that serves to empower and raise awareness of your company.
Content audiences find original, dynamic and engaging. Our job is to create compelling reasons for customers to believe what you have to say- to create a community of followers, who, nurtured correctly through the production of original content that informs or entertains – become advocates for your brand or small business.
We’ll identify what needs fixing to optimise for conversions and put together a list of actionable quick wins. We’ll also consider longer term strategies to implement, for example, a 6- 12 month content plan, or ideas for a 6 part series promoting different aspects of your business. Key to the success of any video series – is interesting stories injected with personality.
It’s important to communicate WHY you exist just as much as what you’re making. Without compelling stories that connect with your audience, you don’t have their emotional attachment. We’ll work with you to decide the best way to bring your stories alive.
A good first video is an explainer about what your company does and who you are. Then you’ll want to create videos for every step of the marketing funnel. We’ll run some market research on your target audience to improve your brand message.
We’ll begin writing scripts and drawing up storyboards. Preparations will begin for any filming in the studio, or on location.
If required, and you want to appear in your own videos, on screen coaching from one of the UK’s leading coaches in “selling with video” and persuasive body language will be offered at this stage.
Check out the Content Marketing Framework from Content Marketing Institute

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