Creating great content isn’t enough. Sometimes even the best videos need a little push towards the right target. From interactive content on the most prominent online editorial news sites and blogs, to creative content on national media sites, we distribute videos through an extensive network of journalists, editors and social influencers.
Our experts will work with you to identify the optimal distribution strategy, simultaneously boosting your website’s SEO results and increasing your brand’s online visibility. Contact us for our most recent case studies.

Drive traffic by getting your content recommended on some of the Web’s most visited sites

There are a number of ways for you to reach an engaged audience one of which is through our Content Discovery Platform which operates on a flexible, pay-per-click model. You pay only for visits you receive, until you reach your daily budget. We use over 50 different algorithms to recommend engaging content to a relevant audience.
Designed to increase traffic to your blog, videos, articles, mobile-optimised website or landing page, we recommend and promote 100’s of articles and videos each month to a worldwide audience. Our distribution network includes 1,000’s of sites and publishers, many of which are premium platforms such as TimeOut, SkyNews, The Mirror, The Telegraph and CNN. Download list – CTM Premium Publisher Network

Content Distribution

“Get people paying attention to your content by promoting it in their favorite places, at the moment they’re most receptive to it – the moment they start to think about what to read next.”

We only produce and promote content that serves to inform or entertain it’s audience. We place content strategically where your audience are actively looking for something new and interesting to discover. Contact us to arrange a demo of our platform, or for more info on our full editorial guidelines.
Because visibility is the first step toward success, a distribution network that is optimised for search engines is essential.

Reach millions worldwide through our content distribution network

We pitch fresh ideas to Journalists and industry specific trade publications on a weekly basis to ensure buy-in before we’ve even started creating your content.
Identifying key influencers and encouraging them to promote your content is key to many successful campaigns. We’ve built a comprehensive network of premium publishers and industry specific platforms who rely on original, interesting stories to engage their viewers. We can assist with the promotion of a simple Press Release to a full-blown PR campaign.

“Organic search is the most valuable channel for delivering positive return on investment.”

Press releases are posted to a secure, global network of over 100,000 journalist’s bloggers and international news agencies such as Reuters, Bloomberg, the Associated Press and the Press Association, MSN, Google news,, Yahoo! Finance and many others relevant to your industry.
If your story is deemed newsworthy (and its our job to make sure it’s told in the most compelling way), we can reach your target audience on a local, regional or national, or international level.
Contnet distribution
We’ll give you access to the the smartest technologies to help track where your news appeared, how many people read it, where they reside, and how your coverage ranks against others in your industry.
Simply contact us for a free consultation and we’ll discuss which approach to promoting your stories, products and services is most suited to your business.


Our client’s content has been featured in a wealth of publications…
Content publishersContact us and we’ll send you our most recent case studies.


Programmatic Delivery

We have a number of partnerships in place when it comes to the programmatic distribution of our clients content through whats known as Rich Media Delivery. Programmatic delivery gives us the ability to understand how viewers behaves and why, which in turn influences the way audience’s/ niche demographics are targeted. With access to a wide range of metrics engagements, dwell times, interactions, click thrus and video completion rates, marketers can understand the true impact of their campaigns.

“Distribution of your content is done through an inventory of over 10,000 sites. We’ll identify those most relevant to your target audience. We can reach people based on age, country, city (even down to postcode), income levels, areas of interest and previous searches.”

Being able to measure and adjust the creative, targeting and media selection of a campaign, in real time, delivers consistent, stunning results. Contact us to arrange a demo of our platform.