In a world where everyone is competing to be heard, you need to get above the noise of media communications for your appeal to resonate in the hearts and minds of the people you want to reach. And that means presenting a compelling case to your audience that connects with them on an emotional level. A well-crafted video is an important marketing and communication tool- especially for the charity sector.

Film making for the charity sector involves a special approach, and a deeper level of empathy and understanding. It’s a fine line between depressing and inspiring – something which could mean the difference between a record fund-raising year and a downbeat audience at an annual event.

Endorsement from key supporters, patrons and beneficiaries can be the key to a highly persuasive campaign that can reap rewards many times over.

Video can reach your audience through online adverts, hosted on your website, social networks, or distributed on DVD.

If you are looking for a longer form documentary style film showcasing the impact your work is having, you may consider a shorter version for online promotion– that can then be used a trailer, or a summary, ending with a compelling call-to-action.

See some examples from our portfolio below.