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Benefits of Facebook Video Advertising


In the last year, Facebook has upped its video advertising game in aim of increasing its competitiveness with Google’s YouTube. Currently Facebook videos receive 4 billion views a day and 70% of them are uploaded directly to the social media site, as opposed to being shared on other platforms first.

Creating Video Adverts on Facebook

Using Facebook’s Ad Manager to create video adverts is fairly straightforward. Once you’re logged in, simply click on Create Ad in the top right corner of the screen and you’ll be presented with a list of options.

Why should your business use Facebook Video Advertising?

  1. Specific targeting – One of the great things about Facebook video advertising is that you can target a specific audience through the demographics settings in your campaign manager tools. This means you will only be targeting your ad at people who are likely to be interested in your brand.
  2. Cost effective – Facebook video advertising is cost effective for the reason outlined above but also because of its new 10 second viewing feature. You will only ever have to pay if people actually watch your video, preventing you from wasting your marketing budget.
  3. Flexibility – Although Facebook is introducing 10 second viewing as a payment option, it’s still giving marketers the option to choose cost-per-impression. This increased flexibility gives Facebook video advertisers more control over how they buy ads, giving them the best chance of capturing the best value and meeting their brand’s objectives.

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Select ‘Get Video Views’ as shown above and then choose which page you want to use to promote the video. From there you will be able to start building your campaign, which will involve specifying your target audience, demographics, interest and behaviours. You will also need to choose a bidding strategy and specify your advertising budget.

Once you’re done with the details, you will be able to upload your video (.Mov file). You can upload files up to 1GB and they must have a resolution of at least 720p. After the video has successfully uploaded, you will be able to create ad text and a call to action to go alongside it. Don’t miss out on this step! By creating a call to action, you’ll also get the opportunity to set up a landing page, helping you to increase conversions from your video advert.

Benefits of Facebook Video Advertising

There are many benefits of using video advertising on Facebook to promote your brand. Videos views on Facebook grew more than 50% from May through to July this year and it’s proven to be a great way to engage with mobile users.

Increase views with Autoplay

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced autoplay; a feature that meant videos would start playing automatically in users’ news feeds. Since launching this feature, Facebook has found that users discover significantly more content, meaning it’s more likely that your video advert will be watched.

Only pay if your video ad is viewed

Facebook recently announced that it will be introducing a new feature to its video advertising, whereby marketers will only pay if their ad is viewed for ten seconds or more.

Previously, the social network would charge advertising on a cost-per-impression basis, so if their video advertisement showed up in someone’s news feed, they’d have to pay. The problem was that with autoplay, there was no way of knowing whether people had actually watched the adverts or whether in fact they’d simply scrolled passed it.

The new payment scheme will make marketers feel more assured that people are actually watching the videos they’re paying to show.


In the past, marketers would often upload their videos to YouTube and then share them on Facebook, however times have changed. Thanks to Facebook’s investment in video products for marketers, more and more brands are now uploading their content natively and achieving much higher levels of performance.

As you can see, there are many benefits to creating video advertising content for Facebook. If you need help creating professional quality videos, get in touch with Crunch Time Media today.

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