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Animated Video Production Process

By December 18, 2015Home Page, Video production

The video the world sees is a creative and strategic process; of discovery, development and of course, production.

This video explains how it works:

The Animated Video Production Process

Depending on the complexity of your production you should expect the entire process, from hiring a production company to seeing the finished product, to last anywhere from 4-12 weeks.


We look to build collaborative relationships with our clients. In order to stay faithful to your brand, story, message and vision, your producer starts the discovery process with research. This is likely to include research of your company, your industry, your customers, your goals, what makes you unique as well as time spent looking at your competitors. Your producer will give you opportunities to offer feedback and suggestions throughout each step of the process. Once we’ve received your brief, we’ll send you a customised questionnaire.

How you can help: Think about what you want emphasised in your video. What misconceptions do people have about your industry, your business or your services? What problems are they facing? What impression do you want to leave people with after viewing your video, what do you want them to do next? Answers to these questions will influence the creative direction of the video, and how best to tell your story.

Script Writingmicroscope-green

With all this insight, you typically meet to agree on a direction for your video and discuss the process and plan for your production. Content plans, scripts, storyboards will be drawn up according to the schedule and time scales you’ve agreed to. What ever your goals, you need to have a killer script, this is the single most important component of your video. It’s your producers job to ensure your script is powerful and engaging.

How you can help: You should also be aware of what can be reasonably covered in a short script. If you’ve agreed to a certain length, it’s important to stick to the accepted word count (about 150 words for a 1-minute video, or 240 for a 90-second production). If you’re invited to offer revisions on the script, don’t hesitate to change what you know doesn’t work. Your producer will encourage feedback, as they’ll want to make to sure you’re satisfied before producing to the storyboard stage.


Once the script has been agreed, an artist will begin to create a storyboard, containing every single frame of your video. This is typically a sketched (pencil or digital) giving you an idea of how your story will flow visually. To make sure its on brand, you’ll be presented with a couple of static style frames to give you an idea of the colors and feel of your video.


Your producer will make several recommendations about which professional voice-over artist they feel will be most appropriate for your video.
How you can help: Ask your producer to select 5 -10 options, 3-5 of them may then be asked to record a demo. As with the rest of the process, be sure to use your best judgment: Which voice do you want representing your brand?

Design and Animationmicroscope-green

If your message has a lot of data or needs to explain a complex solution – then an infographic video can help to explain it clearly.

Infographic videos are created to showcase your stats & business processes using animated captions and charts, in a clear, persuasive way.

Explainer Videos, often using characters your prospects/ customers can relate to, can take on a ‘tell not sell’ approach in an attempt to educate your audience. Demonstrate how your process or products work by telling a story.

3D Animation

3D animation can be used to enhance productions involving stock footage or as part of a more complex storyboard involving film at multiple locations. Bring detailed products to life in large scale built environments. Makes the message more impactful – imaginatively show the real differences between you and your nearest competitors.

Visit our animated video portfolio to view further examples of our videos in different styles.

Sound DesignScript-green

A video without sound design can be quite boring….. If you used a reputable production company, sound design will likely be included.

A professional sound designer will make sure the sound enhances the experience of watching your video and and compliment the visuals on screen. They’ll layer in custom sound effects to represent the movements in the video and either produce a completely custom music track or choose and fit a great royalty-free one.

sound design


An editor will mix all the scenes with the final sound mix from the sound designer, then render and deliver your video in the format/ formats you need. After all those weeks of writing, design, collaboration, animation, you are now the proud owner of a magnificently short, clear, and engaging online marketing tool.

If marketing and distribution of your video is part of your requirement, this will have be discussed at the start. Your video will be uploaded to YouTube and other hosting platforms according to the agreed plan.
Learn more about measuring ROI from your video marketing campaign here.

Your videos purpose is to increase prospective customers understanding of your company, shortening the sales cycle. Your video should also increase conversion rates, improve your position on the search engines, and – best of all – increase sales.

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