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An Introduction to Video Analytics – Measuring ROI

By December 11, 2015Home Page, Video production
video metrics ROI from video marketing

So you’ve created some videos to impress your target audience, and drive new business.
But how will you know if your campaign has been a success?

Video Analytics

Good planning, well produced content and optimisation are the foundations of any successful video campaign – but in order to achieve results that improve month on month – you must become data driven. Four common (and practical) video goals for improving your overall ROI include:

  • driving the right type of traffic
  • building contact lists
  • qualifying prospects, and
  • converting leads


Case Study Video – Using Video To Maximise Audience Engagement & Convert More Prospects Through The Sales Funnel.

Although metrics may seem overwhelming at first, it’s easier when you break it down and understand what you should be measuring and why. The first step is to assess how well the topics you’re covering, and the stories you’re telling are being received by your audience. If they’re not, you will need to go back to the drawing board.
Secondly, you’re going to assess which videos are contributing to specific opportunities. Which videos are responsible for bringing in the most qualified leads per month? If your using a marketing automation platform or CRM, you can track viewers and gain even deeper insight into the behaviour of potential customers.
Let’s see what your analysis looks like on a video-by-video basis.

Number of Views

The question most commonly after launching a branded video campaign is: “how many views did we get?”
Your total view count is not an immediate win or lose for your marketing team. Getting just 100 views could be a total win if you’ve reached your target audience and had a high conversion rate as a result.
For example, you could get 20,000+ views but, on it’s own, this data doesn’t tell you who is watching and for how long, or even if they’re interested in what you do. The total number of views may qualify a video as a viral sensation but that doesn’t necessarily convert to money in the bank, or even leads in your pipeline. This is why you’ll need to look to other, more detailed metrics.
While view count is not the most important metric, its usually the first marketers pay attention to. If you have a low view count, see what you could be doing differently with your videos promotion. Determine which days had the highest view counts and whether you did anything different on the days that received the most amount of views, and assess whether that success can be replicated.
Views for all players - video analytics

Attention Span Data

One of the most valuable components of a video marketing platform is the analytics data surrounding attention span. You need to know if  your viewers find your videos engaging, if they resonate with your content, or if they’re abandoning your message half-way. As a rule, you want to maintain the attention of over 60% of your audience right until the end of the video. If viewers are dropping off near the start, you know something needs improvement.

Video Engagement Data

video data Crunch Time Media
In video A – we can see the start of the video isn’t holding viewers interest. While this video received a high view count, overall consumption of the video was low. The good news is that we now know where people are dropping off. So we can go back and reedit it to make it more engaging.
The objective of any video is to hold viewers attention, attention until they’ve received info and can, at the end, be prompted with a call to action, as we can see in the second example. This is why attention span data like this is so important.  As you become more finely attuned to what your audience prefers (with both video content topics and length), you’ll be able to curb steep attention span drop off, and hold attention through to the end of a piece where you’re offering up a CTA.
Attention span data in video B was from a 48 second video. The short teaser-style video maintained 100% of the audience until the end where 24% converted with the CTA (a PDF download).

Individual Attention Span Breakdowns

In addition to attention span you’ll also want to see which parts of the content viewers find particularly interesting. This is done through tracking attention span per lead. We can intergrate this data into your video marketing platform. This will appear visually in a heat map.
video data attention span
For that first viewer, we know that the lead was engaged throughout, for the second, there may have been a joke that was particularly good, or information that was especially pertinent. And in that last video, this viewer watched the intro twice and then began searching for the info they wanted throughout. You can see the viewer had a hard time finding what they wanted and only watched in disrupted, short spurts.
Data available in an analytics dashboard will give you a clear idea how your videos are working to engage your audience, and what you can do to improve content.

Total Click-Through Rate

Because video on a webpage can increase conversion by 80% its important to be able to track how many visitors to your site or landing page are clicking to play. If click through rates are low, there are steps you can take to improve, for example, split test your video’s thumbnail image to determine which one your audience responds most favorably too. This is the still image that appears at the start of your video with the play button, serving as a preview.
You’ll notice that with most of CTM campaigns, the video player takes up the majority of the top half of the landing page. Improve your video’s click through rate by making sure the video is a major focal point on the page.
Instead of choosing the first thumbnail image or splash screen that’s automatically generated upon video upload, split test multiple images With a test, you’ll know, with statistical significance, which image drives more clicks, and a higher click-through rate is sure to follow.
If your using a marketing automation platform, you can track viewers and gain even more insight into the behaviour of potential customers.
Learn more about our Video analytics capabilities here.
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