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5 Point Checklist: Does Your Website Need a Redesign for Video?

check list video for the web

Increasingly, websites today offer different levels of interactivity, based on the needs of their visitors and customers. This can range from a simple online brochure with contact details through to eCommerce, directories, interactive video content,  online communities, forums and much more.
As the market for tablet and smartphones has now surpassed the desktop and laptop, it’s become necessary to deploy the mobile first approach to responsive design.
In the rush to get a new responsive website, video is often overlooked or neglected.
Web developers wont necessarily encourage you to think about how video will be deployed on your new responsive site. However, it is an important consideration. Having a video on your website can improve more than just how the website looks. Video takes up less room than would be needed for large amounts of text, much of which visitors to your site may not read anyway.
Your video allows you to tell a story and get information across visually and audibly – saving visitors time, and creating a more meaningful connection. An indexed video stands about a 50 times greater chance of ranking on the first page. – Reel SEO (the marketers guide)
In the light of this world-sweeping dash for a responsive website, here are 5 questions to ask yourself about how video will be deployed on your new site.

1. How do you imagine your website will look in 2-5 years’ time?

1. “Mostly pictures & text, with video as a nice occasional add-on.”


2. “Focused on video delivery as the prime communication route, with text & pictures used to reinforce some of the key messages, or for visitors who don’t have their audio speakers switched on.”

Perhaps you lie somewhere in the middle. Understanding what will your clients will expect in 2 years will be crucial to your success.

This is how Steve Jobs made his fortune for Apple. He thought ahead. Perhaps we can all learn from this great technology leader’s approach.

Creating useful or entertaining content to attract and engage current and potential customers will be a big part of this, especially for web-based startups.


2. Can you add videos easily at the top of the page

Since the top of the page is where most visitors look first, it makes sense to have your opening video message – right there where customers can see it immediately.

Your website should have a facility on every page for easy video insertion at the top, where it can win the most business, or generate the most enquiries.

You should be able to post videos as easy as posting a new blog- without html code or technical barriers.


3. Does video get the prominence it deserves?

Working alongside your production team – you will undoubtedly invest in time effort and budget.

With this amount of resource sucked into every video project, it makes sense to give it the prominence it deserves.

Many websites, particularly b2b, struggle to find the screen real estate to put their videos.

Video, and where it will be positioned on your site needs to be carefully considered during the design and planning stage.


4. Do you have short versions of your videos?

If you have a video that’s say – 5 mins or over in duration – it may make sense to have a shorter version produced/ edited (30 second teaser highlighting some of the key points of the main video).

For some clients, we produce 2 videos from each production.

Or perhaps 2 or 3 vertical market versions from a single “generic” production.

You may consider adding video tutorials to your Help pages, or video Q&A, or case studies.

Either way it’s easy to see how B2B video is proliferating- and any new web redesign needs to consider this closely.


5. How will you host your videos?

To post a video on a page, you have to link it to the server where the video is held. This could be youtube, vimeo, wistia or any other reputable streaming provider.

This typically means copying a small snippet of code that the video server generates for you to insert onto your website.

Then magically, the video runs as it should on the page, complete with banner.

The take-home is that when you get your new responsive website, it should be easy to copy the video server code into your CMS or however else you update your new site.

In any event, you need a site where you can post video on-demand without specialist help.

And the same video streaming service should be compatible with Facebook and any other social media outlets.



  • Overall, think about what customers will expect from your site in 2 years.
  • Do you think you’ll being producing and promoting more videos?
  • How will your site be designed to accommodate the content?
  • How easy is it to post them, complete with a video banner?

Websites go through changing trends and fashions just like everything else in the modern world, this can be driven by evolving technology, the needs of business and the requirements of website visitors.

Whilst it’s relatively simple to have a website, are you missing out on the increased traffic that modern web trends could bring you?

Are you missing opportunities whilst your competitors are taking a lead?

All of these points need factoring in when you redesign your website for video.

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