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Crunch Time Media are a results driven production & video
marketing company. Our clients include:

We produce

Content such as promos, documentaries, animation, motion graphics & online video series. We work with emerging & evolving brands across a variety of industries. Speak to one of our producers today about your ideas, campaign or business goals.

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We promote

Content to engage your target audience, drive sales & increase brand awareness. We promote content organically, through infulencers & ads on social media. Arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our video marketing experts today.

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Whatever the size of your organisation

you need a video
marketing strategy

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We can promote your content
in the follow ways:

  • Audience
  • Social media
  • News Release
  • Industry specific
    platforms and publications
  • Media Monitoring
    / Analysis
  • Out Of Home’

Audience Targeting

We can suggest approaches to reach and engage your target audience using social media and a network of premium/ industry specific publishers through which we promote video content.  We’ll make sure only those with a need, or interest in, your product, service or brand see your ads or video content – helping ensure you achieve maximum ROI from your marketing investment.

With Facebook, you have the opportunity to target your ad to people based on location and demographics like age, gender and interests. YouTube allows you to target video ads through the Display Network. Advertise to consumers at moments that matter or when they are most likely to engage or take action.

We use a variety of  advertising tools, formats, and technologies to achieve your goals, measure results and increase sales and revenue.

Social media promotion

The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. You need a strategy for how you are going to promote it and a clear understanding of how it will contribute towards your sales and marketing goals- in order to move your business forward.

No matter what your company does, no matter what you’re selling, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy for each of the biggest video platforms, you are going to lose out to those that do.

The platforms of distribution for video content online haven’t changed drastically over the last 2 years. Snapchat’s daily views are now in the billions, Facebook is getting more daily minutes watched than YouTube, and video on Twitter has taken listening and one to one branding to a whole new level. Contact us or visit our blog to learn more about ways we can help.

News Release

Trusted by thousands of PR and communications professionals our database connects you and your story with the right journalists, editors and media professionals so you can get the right message to the right people – ensuring the success of your campaign.

We’re connected with the world’s largest media network which includes news agencies, trade organisations, global websites, bloggers and industry specific platforms.

Download our case studies and contact us for more information.

Industry specific
platforms and publications

Since we started in 2014, Crunch Time Media have partnered with market leading publishers all over the world in industries such as construction, finance, fashion, automotive, health, hospitality, gaming, beverages, e-commerce and technology; to name a few.

We’ve also partnered with publishers providing news, content and information nationally, regionally and/ or locally, as well as marketing platforms and media brands in order to reach specific consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and TVs through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance-driven campaigns.

Contact us for more information about what you are looking to achieve from your campaign – we’ll send you our most recent/ relevant case studies.

Media Monitoring/

Find out who is talking about your brand across millions of websites, blogs, forums and social media posts anywhere in the world with online and social media monitoring.

We highlight key performing social media channels and websites to give you a complete picture of your media presence with consistent analysis and reporting.

Let Crunch Time Media’s dedicated search experts help define, set up and maintain your search string criteria, filters and alerts to ensure you receive the social media that matters to identify and stay in control of how your brand is being talked about.

Contact us for more information and a demo of the platform.

Out Of Home display

We partner with other agencies to produce and deliver campaigns involving original, tailored-made motion creative for Digital Out Of Home Display Ads. Our production team develops the creative, manages the shoots and post production process, 3D modelling and motion graphics for campaigns that captivate audiences in a way that’s scalable and effective.

As Digital OOH technology evolves, so does the ability to tailor creative so that it is contextual and supports brand objectives. We can develop interactive functionalities like touch, gesture, face and gender detection, image capture, AR, NFC & beacons.

Watch this video to learn more, contact us for a consultation or to see recent case studies.


About Us

Crunch Time Media deliver exactly what you need to achieve remarkable inbound marketing results. If you don’t have one already – we start by defining a strategy to increase leads, sales and referrals for your business. We then produce and promote your video content online. We deliver campaigns with impact, and personality.

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